Why Portion Size is Important

Eat too much, you put on weight. Need we say more? A typical dish should be a typical 12” diameter plate with half vegetables, one third lean meat or fish, and one third what we call naughtiness. This can be pasta, fries, and a dressing drenched salad, anything you choose.

Essentially you want 1/6th of the plate free and that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to cheat and pile it high! Eat slowly, and enjoy your meal. Give it 15 minutes to digest before you dig in to the biscuits. You’ll feel more satisfied if you eat slowly, and yes, a reduction in portion size does look like rabbit food, but we assure you, after a week, you’ll feel far better for it.

If you’re a big portion person (all mothers seem to do this!), and cook in bulk, for example, a lasagne for 4 but you make enough for 8 and still dish the entire thing up. Use visual aids to guide you on portions, such as tomatoes on top to give a cutting guide and you can freeze the rest for another day. Children in the UK are getting bigger and bigger for the simple fact rationing is not practiced.

A 6 year old child does not need a portion the size of their fathers. Also, it’s better to give them too little and let them ask for a little more than to give them too much and wonder why it’s wasted and in the bin.

Learn More about Portion Size

As not everyone has experience of preparing meals and cooking meals if you do want to learn more about doing so and also the importance of portion size e then please do make use of the following video.

In fact, please do spend as much time as you like taking a look round our website for by you doing so you will find plenty of additional articles and guides plus plenty of news stories and videos to watch that will show you how you can prepare meals and also how to lose weight too.

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