What Basic Exercises Can I do?

Basic exercises are literally that basic, so basic people overlook them. We’ll start with walking. Getting off the bus a stop early is not going to seem much, but walking the extra 40 feet is great for burning the extra 20 or 30 calories. Also, the more you carry the more you’ll burn. Try doing your housework with a back pack filled with cans of soup and you’ll see what we mean!

You can also try basic Ballet. We aren’t talking the Dying Swan, but going from 1st to 5th position complete with arm movements requires discipline and restraint which can burn more calories than a Swan Dive leading into an arabesque.

Putting Together a Basic Exercise Routine

To help you gain a much clearer understanding on just how easy it will be for anyone no matter what their current abilities and level of health to put together a basic exercise routine please spend a few minutes watching the following video as it is one of the best ones we have come across.

That video is going to show you how you can put into place a very basic exercise routine that will not take up too much of your time and will not be as strenuous as you may have thought, and also make use of some of our additional guides and articles throughout this website too.

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