Ways to Feel Better When Losing Weight

We won’t lie, losing weight is dull. It seems like the world is against you, and everywhere you turn someone’s eating a cake or a bag of chips. On the plus side, however, you can compare yourself to the same people.

They probably have that treat once a week, or sometimes once a month. You can’t see under their clothes (if you can, contact us!), you can’t see if there are stretch marks, if they have post pregnancy cellulite, track marks from injecting insulin, whether they’re suffering from eating disorders and wearing clothes to mask it, whether they’ve undergone cancer treatment. You simply cannot know. However, you can know this. That person more than likely says this is a treat.

Losing Weight and Feeling Better About Yourself

Losing weight is about self control and discipline, a bit like anything you do really. You have to look at your role models, and be as bold as to look them up. You want to look like Madonna, fine, but read about her fitness regime and diet. You want to look like a model you saw on Men’s Health, read the magazine and get some tips. If there’s someone at work who effortlessly looks good, ask them what their routine is.

People who are a little buoyant will receive more praise than ridicule for wanting to get healthier, and most personal trainers prefer those willing to change than taking on a seasoned gym bunny.

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