Pros and Cons of Joining a Weight Loss Club

Fat Club, as they are affectionately known, tend to be a bit like AA. You have a load of people sat in a room, they get stuff off their chest and where they think they’ve gone right or wrong. Similar to AA they will tell of how they resisted the temptation of a second slice of cake, or admit they relented and had a second slice of cake.

The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. When you’re part of a club that is aiming for the same thing, you’ll spur each other on. Also, other people’s milestones will make you aspire to do better. Think along the lines of ‘If John Smith can do it, so can I’.

The cons unfortunately and like AA are that you can also be lead into temptation. A lot of AA members have said they were led astray after meetings because they went to the pub after the meeting. Fat Club is the same but with eateries.

As with all clubs, they are clique based. You have the Smokers, the bingers, the in denial, the mother hens, the mean girls. You name it, you’ll find it, and sometimes you’ll have to look at 2 or three different clubs to find one where you actually belong.

We can’t all be the gorgeous, popular one; some of us have to be the plain one, or the geeky one with uncontrollable hair. Life in general isn’t a Disney story, and as such, we have to make our own fairytale, complete with Prince Charming and the Wicked Step Mother. Also, there is no such thing as a magic mirror, we’ve looked for it!

You have to do weight loss clubs for you, not to appease others; otherwise you’ll resent them and go three steps back.

Weight Loss Clubs

If you are interested in find out just what goes on at a weight loss club then sit back and watch the following video as it will show you one such venue when there is a class on.

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