Is Walking a Good Way of Exercising?

A UK journalist once quipped ‘anything that gets your lardy arse of the sofa is good for you’ and this includes walking. You don’t have to run a marathon, a gentle stroll to and from the supermarket will suffice as contrary to popular belief, running burns only a few more calories compared to walking. Walking is a physio exercise.

Increasing the endurance of muscle, running is a bulking exercise, increasing the size of muscle but with little benefit to the resistance. Look at cyclists and swimmers. They have lean muscle with lots of endurance, while body builders have muscle mass, but not much resistance.

Walking doesn’t have to be dull. Plug your MP3 player in, and play some high powered music, you’ll move to the beat while losing yourself and before you know it, you’ve gone where you were going and back without even noticing.

If you like nature, take your camera out and find a scenic walking spot. You’ll be able to capture all sorts, from a mother swan and her chicks to rare and wonderful looking wild flowers. Also, if there are a couple of pubs on the route, you can always take a break and have glorious local ale or a spot of lunch.

More Information about Walking

Please make use of the following video as by doing so it will show you the many different benefits that will be coming your way if and when you do start walking more and more.

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