How to Keep Weight Off Over the Long Term

A general rule of thumb is treats. Yes! You can actually have the things you like every so often! If your cravings are for fried food, set aside a day a week when you can enjoy them, or if it’s sweet stuff, make a big fuss about it. Pamper yourself, buy a bottle of wine, get a box set and enjoy a well deserved treat.

If you’re planning a big event such as a big night out or a holiday, then you can save up your cheat days and essentially use them as currency. If you’re going away for a week, you simply have to save up the 7 weeks before meaning cheat nights are off the menu for a while.

Keeping the Weight off

When working like this, think of your bank or credit accounts. If you haven’t got the cash, the transaction won’t proceed, so save up and you can splurge. Doing something on credit means you have the means, but will pay huge amounts of interest. Which is worse, giving up your treats for 7 weeks, or going all out and then giving up for the next 40 weeks because you’ve over done it.

Watch the above video for a few informative and very helpful hints and tips that should ensure you are going to first be able to lose weight and then keep that weight off over the long term.

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